(Last Updated On: April 15, 2018)

Office office 2013 productivity suites — word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and so on, reached their platonic ideal more than a decade ago. None are in need of any radical reinvention.

That’s why Microsoft has been content to incrementally update Office every couple of years. It makes sure its applications run smoothly, folds in the latest tech standards, and mostly leaves things alone. Now, though, it’s facing an existential threat: Google Docs, a suite that replicates most, if not quite all, of Microsoft Office’s functionality.

Microsoft released the next version of its productivity suite today. Developed under the name Office 15, it is officially branded as “Office 2013”.

At first glance, Office 2013 does not appear to be all that different from Office 2010. The layout of the apps is a bit cleaner, and on a tablet, most items are spaced well enough that the app is easily navigated by fingertip. Still, familiar touches remain. For instance, the ribbon of menu options introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 was rumored to be on the way out, but it’s still alive and kicking in Office 2013. And, at least in the preview apps Microsoft supplied us, it’s not hidden by default.

1- Click the red download button below (Step 04) , you should download MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 (32bits or 64bits depending on your CPU, visit this page to determine if you have a 64-bit or 32-bit CPU here) and the activator.

2- Skip 2 Ads  to get to the download page (Be patient, Ads revenues help us to keep softovio.com working nicely).

3- Once MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 and the activator are done downloading, right click the .zip files and click on “Extract file” (To do this you must have winrar, which you can get here).

4- Double click on the setup (.exe) icon and wait for the product to finish the installation. 

5- Open the activator now, and click activate (If you encounter any problems, Make sure to disable your antivirus).

6- Enjoy, Now You have the full version of MS 2013 for free.

Before Installing Microsoft Office 2013 It’s Recommended To Watch This Installation Guide Video

How To Download And Install The Full Version Of Microsoft Office 2013 for free

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Microsoft Office 2013 32BITS

How To Download and Install Microsoft Office 2013 32BITS

Microsoft Office 2013 64BITS

How To Download and Install Microsoft Office 2013 64BITS

Microsoft Office 2013 Activator

Microsoft Office Activator

{Delete KMS activator after activating the Program} [Antivirus will say Malware detected but this malware is not harmful]

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