We see the world and our products in it. The steel manufacturing sector is vast and rather competitive. Steelworld Roofing Systems has focused on producing quality and innovative roofing solutions for over 2 decades. We remain very price conscious.

Our business model is simple. We manufacture profiled roof sheets, steel trusses, modular building solutions and roof tiles. A strong production and distribution line creates a consistent supply of quality products. This keeps the customers coming back and the end-user happy.

As we do not service the end user, our trade only position empowers and helps the growth of the retail industry. Products are available in a selection of independent and group aligned hardware stores. Our dedicated roofing specialist offer roofing kit solutions to the housing construction sectors. Mass developments and RDP Government Housing projects have utilise our roofing kits. Saving the industry money and time with bulk solutions.

Expert sales teams cover the country in all regions. Ensuring professional service and support to both retail and construction sectors.


Click through our corporate brochure to see our values and vision behind the Steelworld brand.


Steelworld Roofing Systems was set up almost 2 decades ago with the purpose of manufacturing and supply of quality roofing solutions to the South African market. With production facilities in key industrial sites in Gauteng Vulcania Brakpan and Vanderbijlpark. Primarily servicing the retail and construction sectors of the market, from our head offices in Durban Kwazulu Natal. Exceptional leadership and great business acumen have ensured a successful business and strong brand to date. Over time we have upscale our cold roll form profile sheet production lines reaching a 180-ton daily output capacity. Ensuring a strong retail orientated supply channel for the hardware supply sector. Introduction of lightweight steel production facilities have improved our product offerings into the truss and building solutions. Positioned Steelworld Roofing Systems as a supplier of 360-degree steel roofing and building solutions. With the uptake of modular LSF lightweight steel building solutions in South Africa, Steel world is well positioned to cater for the mass housing building needs. We are supplied both private and government initiatives in mass housing for many years and are repositioning our business to be more efficient in the supply in this market in the coming years.


To create a footprint in southern Africa and abroad as a market leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of quality, innovative and sustainable steel roofing and building systems, roofing tiles and profiled sheets. Together with our skilled employees and commitment to use only the highest quality raw materials, we endeavor to provide our consumers with sustainable value with each of our products on offer.


Steelworld Roofing Systems and Sister Company Rickford Investments envision a strong roll in the development of innovative and sustainable roofing and housing solutions. With a intended delivery of quality and speed to make every user is proud of the products that make a positive impact on their daily work, personal lives and the environment, both locally and across the entire world


To ensure that the Steelworld Roofing Systems brand and products are synonymous with quality and innovation. We strive for our products to be the consumers’ obvious choice in the market, with genuine value for money. Ensuring fair trade and strong business ethics across our entire business and staff engagements with customers


Our roofing systems protect thousands of homes, commercial and industrial buildings. Achieving a good looking product is not sufficient in competitive global markets. It is attention to detail in the manufacturing process that has earned our roofing systems an international reputation of excellence. The use of high quality grade steel substrates, combines with the development of specialized surface coatings and profiling technology have contributed to our reputation as a leader in metal roofing systems. Our operations have strict quality controls, assuring our customers of consistent manufacturing and design standards. Offering the market new and exciting options in roofing profiles is an on-going process. Outdated roofing materials have been replaced by new steel products offering better aesthetic appeal and long term durability. Our sales offices, strategically located in developing regions, facilitate on-going product adaptation to satisfy local building demands for all types of construction. We pride in providing roofing solutions worldwide

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